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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that every 13 seconds someone in the United States is involved in an automobile accident. Car crashes take the lives of approximately 118 people everyday. Every year, over $150 billion dollars of damages arise from car accidents. One in three people will be involved in a car accident every five to eight years. Automobile accidents can have serious effects such as: financial hardship, serious injuries, and permanent disabilities. Amerihope Alliance Legal Services will investigate your case to the fullest extent to ensure that you receive full compensation for your injuries. An experienced personal injury attorney cannot only make sure a victim is compensated but can also refer a client to healthcare providers who can work out special payment plans and provide him or her with the specialized care they need. We evaluate all the facts of an accident and investigate to see who is at fault and what is due to the victims. If a negligent vehicle operator is at fault, we can sue the driver at fault for damages. There are also other causes of accidents for which a personal injury suit can be made, including inaccurate or substandard traffic equipment, or defective vehicle design. Anyone involved in a car accident would at the very least benefit from a consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney. If you or someone you care about is involved in a car accident, please contact our firm today for your free consultation. (877) 882-5338.

It’s an unfortunate reality that many of us will be involved in an auto accident at some point in our lifetime. Even if you have a clean driving record and follow all the traffic laws to a “T,” you can’t control other drivers on the road who may be careless. Amerihope Alliance Legal Services has gathered a few steps you'll need to take to make this unfortunate and difficult situation, run more smoothly and make sure you do not get taken advantage of - especially if you've been hurt.

Personal Injury

At the first moment of impact, you will likely be dazed, confused, panicked and possibly even injured. You should take a moment to gather yourself and calm down so you can proceed to act rationally.

Check for Injuries

First, if you have any passengers, check with them to see if they’ve sustained any injuries from the accident. If they’re hysterical, you’ll need to calm them down as best you can. You’ll also want to evaluate the occupants in the other car and make sure they’re okay.

When to Call 911

In the event that anyone is in need of emergency medical assistance, immediately call 911 and notify them of your location and the number of people involved.

Get to Safety
Get to Safety

Pull your car over to the side of the road if possible. Sitting in the middle of a busy street puts yourself at risk for another auto collision. You can avoid this by setting out road flares to alert drivers of your auto accident. If it’s safe to do so, you can also direct traffic around the scene until emergency vehicles or tow-trucks arrive in the event that they’re necessary.

Document Accident Details

Once you’re out of harm's way, you’ll need to obtain insurance and contact information from the other driver. Be aware of someone who attempts to handle the situation without getting the insurance companies involved. It will cause a headache and rarely, if ever, gets you the compensation you deserve. Try to get their phone number, address, email, drivers license number and license plate number, if possible.

File an Auto Accident Report

Alert the police so they can proceed with completing an accident report. Even if you don’t think the car accident warrants police involvement, you’ll want that documentation to prove your innocence. Otherwise, it’s mostly your word against the other driver's. Obtain a hard copy of that police report as well. The last thing you want is to have your own insurance rates skyrocket when you’re the victim of an accident.

File a Claim With Your Insurance Company

Last but not least, you should get in touch with your insurance agency. They’ll be interested in any auto accident that you’ve been involved in, even if you are not to blame. By not communicating with them regarding your accident, you take the risk of being dropped from their coverage and canceling your policy. Even worse, when you attempt to get coverage from a different company, those rates could potentially skyrocket compared to what you had before the accident. These are the steps you should take following an automobile accident. By making sure to get all the appropriate contact information from the other driver involved, obtaining a police report of the incident, alerting your insurance company, and consulting with Amerihope Alliance Legal Services (877) 882-5338, you can protect yourself from being held liable for the accident. This is especially important in the event that compensation for injuries is necessary.

Premises Liability

There are often hazards on private property that we visit on a daily basis, be it a supermarket, visiting a friend or family member, a church, a school, bank building, or otherwise. If you are injured due to unsafe conditions that a property owner failed to warn you about, they may be liable for the injuries you sustain. Factors in premise liability include whether you are an invited guest, licensee, or trespasser on the private property in question. A liability investigation will also determine how the hazardous condition was created, how long it has been there, and whether or not the owner knew about the conditions and took the necessary steps to repair them or warn others about it. While these claims seem simple, it is typical for courts to side with the premise owners, so hiring a professional personal injury attorney is often the deciding factor. Anyone involved in a premises liability accident could benefit from a consultation with an experienced Personal Injury Attorney In Florida. If you or someone you care about is involved in an accident, please contact our firm today for your Free Consultation.
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